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Arun Watson Tyne Arun Archive

Last of the line.

One of the oldest "Afloat" boat the "Arun Class" has been superseded by more up-to-date boats. As a first is was either loved or hated but whatever, it was a first and a true landmark craft in maritime rescue. The Arun has many redeeming features and an elegant line, in its presence you can not help but feel safe and well equipped for any eventuality. RNLB MICKIE SALVESEN 52-39 was up to 2005 in service at Barry Dock South Wales and is now decommissioned and in service with Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

Early stage Hull and Rails Superstructure Start

The Real thing

Fire hydrant -attached to working pump!

Bow vent A work of art - The Mast - 80 parts!
Superstructure Complete  Fuel Door cost me a new mini miller!
Capstan with many thanks to manufacturer Beginings
Upper control. Forward deck re made
The door closer cams are for show only
I was tempted to make them operational!
Fuel Door - with vent and filler caps
Cab front with dummy hatches and vents Anchor stanchion / drop down


The real thing !

The next stage was a first coat superstructure paint job and then electrical wiring - lights, radar, jib, capstan etc. - which will all take a bit of time.
Superstructure Paint Superstructure Paint
Pool bought for the kids! But its also an useful test pool !
Wiper (working) detail and Windows fitted. Upper position view
Forward cab detail; New forward cab detail;

The "Crew" arrives The "crew" get on board
Bow Detail Crew Facelift !
Rear cab detail The "Y" Boat start
The "Y" Boat progressed "Y" boat on board
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The building of this model would not have been possible without the cooperation of the Barry Dock Life Boat staff and crew.

If you support any charity then consider that the R N L I.

 It is our primary maritime emergency network and is solely dependant on charitable donations - as they say every little helps.

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